Farm Walk

Due to a change in land ownership and tenancy arrangements we are now in the process of changing the walks.

Over the last 8 years we have built up our farm walks for you to enjoy and from the comments you make we believe we have succeeded!

Farm Walk
Farm Walk Farm Walk

The Farm Walks

There are three farm walks for you to enjoy around our arable farm and grain and seed operating yard. You can start either from Hunger Hill Wood (Dog Walk) or through Lindens Farm Yard as the walks can be reversed. The farm track goes past the grass strip runway and at the end you can turn left or right. Turning left is a choice of two walks and takes you along the track beside the model aircraft area and down around the fields returning through Hunger Hill Wood. Turning right takes you along a dyke towards Gruffalo Wood which was planted about 30 years ago. You can walk through this young plantation (which needs some tender loving care) and out the other end. You walk alongside the composting site and after crossing Wells Road you head back towards the caravan site.

Hunger Hill & Gruffalo Wood

We have recently purchased these two woods which have had little or no maintenance for 50 years. We are in the process of planning how to look after the woods for future generations, this will be a long term plan but we hope it will be interesting for visitors to see.

The Composting Site (Green Waste)

This is not a pretty area but this green waste site arrived on our doorstep and is here to stay! Since we all produce waste of some sort it is an interesting site to walk past. This site takes in green garden waste from the local councils and wood waste like pallets too. The field area adjacent had compost spread on it some years ago and makes you realise how slow plastic is to degrade. Click here to download a map of the current walks.