We own and operate our own seed plant at Riby. The seed produced is grown by local growers many of whom have been growing seed for us for a considerable number of years.

Our field staff undertake our own crop inspecting and every care is taken to ensure we achieve standards in excess of HVS.

The seed can be produced in 500kg and 1000kg bags. We can offer a range of dressings to suit your individual requirements; from single purpose and broad spectrum dressings, to the new 'take all' dressings.

We have found over the last few years, with the increased financial pressure for farmers, the demand for farmers own seed cleaning has increased significantly. We are prepared to offer a field assessment if necessary, sample the intended parcel of grain and advise of the specification. Once the seed is cleaned we can offer delivery back to the farm, or multiple drops if required. We are confident that our static plant is superior to any mobile cleaner.

For more information contact claire@vergette.com